The MF-NJL Driver

Some parametrizations of the model are available here.

Form factor:
Λ: GeV
α: Lorentzian parameter

Current quark masses
mu: GeV
md: GeV
ms: GeV

Coupling constants
GS: GeV-2
ηK: GK / GS
ηD: GD / GS
ηV: GV / GS

Vacuum values of chiral gaps
φ0u: GeV
φ0d: GeV
φ0s: GeV

Chiral gaps
φu: GeV Solve gap eq.
φd: GeV Solve gap eq.
φs: GeV Solve gap eq.

Diquark gaps
ud: GeV Solve gap eq.
us: GeV Solve gap eq.
ds: GeV Solve gap eq.

Charge chemical potentials
µ3: GeV Solve neutrality eq.
µ8: GeV Solve neutrality eq.
µQ: GeV Solve neutrality eq.

Neutrino chemical potentials
µνe: GeV
µνµ: GeV

Quark number chemical potential (µ = µB/3)
µ: GeV

T: GeV For T = 0, consider using T = 0.0005 (read more).

Solve (Make sure that all parameters have initial values)

Listed below are optional settings for the solver.
Iterations: Maximum number of iterations (1-100).
Tolerance: Tol. for norm of all residuals.
Steplength: Maximum steplength in GeV.

Show result and messages from the driver.