3FCS Public Keys

Information about the public keys and their purpose is available here. BEFORE YOU INSTALL A PUBLIC KEY in your ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file you must make sure that the key begins with the appropriate command, e.g., command="nice ~/3FCS/bin/mfnjl", ... . This is obligatory, because the keys can (in principle) be manipulated when downloaded from the internet. It is assumed that 3FCS is located in ~/3FCS on your system (~/ is your home directory). If this is not the case, modify the path of the command in each key using a text editor. It is common practise to change the access rights of all files in the ~/.ssh/ directory such that they can be opened by their owner only. This can be done by typing chmod 600 ~/.ssh/* on the command line. In addition, only the owner should have access to the ~/.ssh directory. The command for this is chmod 700 ~/.ssh

After downloading and installing the drivers and the public keys, the computer needs to be registered. This is presently done by sending me an e-mail with the following information:

  1. The address of the computer.
  2. The account username where the public keys are installed.
  3. The e-mail address of the account owner.
  4. A short description, e.g., "computername@university".


The complete list of public keys can be downloaded here. Alternatively, you may download and install the keys from the command line:

> wget http://3fcs.pendicular.net/keys/3fcs_rsa.pub
> less 3fcs_rsa.pub
> # Edit the paths of the commands in 3fcs_rsa.pub if necessary, skip the next step otherwise
> vi 3fcs_rsa.pub
> cat 3fcs_rsa.pub >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
> chmod 600 ~/.ssh/*
> chmod 700 ~/.ssh

The MD5 sum of 3fcs_rsa.pub is d6dedf17744a69f43c4007eaa20c0d4d.